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Are you currently or considering selling your home?


Are you a home buyer looking to purchase a home that has a gas fireplace?


Are you wondering if the gas fireplace is working properly?  


Has the the gas fireplace been serviced in the past year?


Fireplace Services provides a thorough inspection of the fireplace and the venting system.  This service is called a Level 2 Inspection and is required by code to perform when the ownership is transferred for a home.  Fireplace Services can not do less than this service if hired for certification as part of the sale of a home.  This inspection includes the following:

  • Inspect readily accessible areas of the chimney, structure and flue
  • Inspect for lack of obstruction or combustible deposits in the flue
  • Inspection the installation of the unit and the connection
  • Check for proper clearances from combustibles in areas that are accessilble.
  • Check for flue size and suitability
  • Inspect all accessible portions of the chimney, both the exterior and interior, including areas within accessilbe attics, crawl spaces and basements
  • Video scanning of most venting systems
  • Service of the gas fireplace unit


Here are some items that we have found to be problems with fireplaces. This would have been noticed during a Level 2 Inspection:


  • The glass was not made by the manufacturer
  • Wrong connectors
  • Venting Issues


Without a Level 2 being completed, homeowners find out after purchasing the home that the fireplace has many problems and needs to be replaced.  Replacing the fireplace and fixing issues can potentiallly cost 5K and up.  


Wouldn't you like to have the assurance that the fireplace has had a Level 2 Inspection?




This is the section of the Code Book that presents the Level 2 Requirements:


15.4.1  Circumstances. A Level II inspection shall be conducted under the following circumstances:

(1) *Upon addition or removal of one or more connected appliances or upon replacement of an appliance with one or more of dissimilar type, input rating, or efficiency, unless the last connected appliance is removed and chimney use will be discontinued. 

(2) Prior to relining of a flue or replacement of flue lining in accordance with 7.1.10

(3) Upon sale or tranfer of the property


NFPA 211 Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents and Solid Fuel-Burning Appliances 2013 Edition. 2013 ed. Quincy, Massachusetts: National Fire Protection Association, 2013. 211-47. Print.


The National Fire Protection Association ( advises that each chimney receive a Level II inspection each time a residence is sold.





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