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News--Safety Tips

Fireplace Services wants you and your family to be safe, healthy and enjoy your life.  We hope that your fireplace brings you much joy and comfort.


Here are some safety tips for having a fireplace in homes with young children:


  • The Hearth--This is usually made out of brick, marble or stone and can be dangerous due to the exposed edges.  Some options for providing protection is to install materials such as fire-resistant foam that attahces with adhesive or pipe insulation.


  • The Glass --Industry Standards for gas fireplaces allow the temperature of ceramic glass to reach as high as 1,328 degrees F while tempered glass is allowed to reach 500 degrees F.  This is hot enough to cause a third-degree burn upon contact.  For homes with young children a screen or hearth gate can be installed.  Hearth screens are available for some Heat-n-glo gas fireplaces free of charge (You just pay the shipping). Click on the link below to see if your fireplace qualifies for the free screen.


These photos show that a chimney fire occured due to a bird's nest in the flue.  This could have burned the house down if the fire continued burning. 

The debris in this flue was not cleaned out.  As a result, as the flue heated up, the fire started. 

These are some common examples of gas connectors that are sometimes used for gas fireplaces.  They are properly used to hook up appliances such as the hot water heater, furnace or gas range.  We often find that these have been used incorrectly to hook up fireplaces where one end is accessible underneath the fireplace and the other end terminates inside of the wall, which is against the code.  


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