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Photo Gallery 

These photos show common code violations. 


The shut off valve connections are behind the wall.   When a valve problem occurs, the only way to tighten or replace the valve is to cut open the wall.


This photo shows the venting system.  The strap that is supposed to hold up the vents is lying on the ground instead of holding the venting system.


Insulation is too close to the venting.  It is important to check for proper clearances, otherwise it can be a possible fire hazard.

This is another photo showing the combustibles that are too close to the venting system.

What is the difference between this and the dryer vent system?  They both build up lint, which can be a potential fire hazard.  Dust, dirt and lint around the firebox can gas off and put unpleasant odors in your home.  This photo shows the lint and animal hair that is next to the gas line, inside the firebox.  This is one more reason why all Gas Fireplace Manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance service be performed by a Certified Gas Fireplace Specialist.

Before & After:  These photos show the fireplace before being serviced.

Before the Service: 

Dust can collect on or around the components and cause a fire hazard, and/or prevent the fireplace from properly functioning. Also, if the glass isn't cleaned often enough, then the soot can be permanently etched into the glass.  


After the Service:

This is the same fireplace after the annual maintenance service was performed.  The glass is cleaned.  The components are cleaned and adjusted.  The fireplace was tested for carbon monoxide and other natural combustible gas leaks.



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