Fireplace Services SERVES Denver, CO
Fireplace Services SERVES Denver, CO

What does an annual service call include?  We do a thorough electrical and safety inspection.  We clean the components and the glass, take meter readings of the components and make any necessary adjustments according to the manufacturer's regulations.  We also check for gas leaks and repair them to insure that the unit is safe and properly working.

How often does the manufacturer recommend this service?   Manufacturers recommend an annual service to your gas fireplace to help it run efficiently, to clean & adjust the components, and to check for possible combustible gas leaks, or carbon monoxide leaks.  Gas leaks can be potentially deadly and we recommend that a certified technician service your unit to prevent gas leaks and other further problems.

What certifications do you have for repairing  gas fireplaces?   Our technician is currently certified by the National Fireplace Institute as a "Gas Specialist".  He is also trained by the manufacturers Napoleon, Travis Industries, and Heat-N-Glo.

What brands of gas fireplaces do we service?  We service all brands of gas fireplaces, such as:  Heatilator, Heat-n-Glo, Jotul, Lennox, Lopi, Majestic, Montigo, Mendota, Napeloen, Regency, Town & Country, and others.  Since we specialize in gas fireplaces, we do not service or carry parts for pellet or wood fireplaces.

How can an efficient fireplace keep you energy bills down?  Your fireplace is a great source of heat and can be used to keep your energy bills down.  By maintaining your fireplace it will help you keep your heating costs down.  A blower can also help circulate the warm air and increase the distance through which the heat travels.

What other products do you sell?  We are a distributor for ChimneySaver products, which include chimney products, smoke chamber repair, crown repair, creosote removal products, wood stain products, masonry waterproofing products, roof cleaning & stain prevention products.  Visit for more information about this high quality product line.

We are a distributor for Outdoor Kitchen and we can get the parts that you need for your BBQ grill.



We are also distributors for American Fireglass, who specializes in firebeads, fire rocks, firepit rings,  pan burners, and vent-free outdoor burners.  The firebeads and fire rocks come in over 40 different colors to create your own custom look.  The glass is formulated for long-term heat consumption.  The glass burns clean and efficient and will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes.  It will virtually last a lifetime and there is no soot, ash or smoke.  Visit for more information.

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