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Frequently Asked Troubleshooting Questions

Why is there condensation on the glass?  This is a result of gas combustion and temperature variations.  As the appliance warms, this condensation will disappear.

Why are the flames blue?  This is a result of normal operation and the flames will begin to yellow as the appliance is allowed to burn for 20 to 40 minutes.  If it is still blue after that time frame, there may be insufficient oxygen being supplied.    Check  the vent cap to ensure proper installation and is free from debris or blockage.  Also check that the glass is tighten ed properly

Why is there a film on the glass?  It is important to clean the glass annually using a specially made glass cleaner that doesn't cause combustion.  This is performed during the annual service call

Is it normal to see the pilot flame burn continually?  In a standing pilot system the pilot will always stay on. 

Why is the ignitor not lighting the pilot?  There are many possible problems for the pilot not to light.  One possible problem is that the ignitor is defective, the pilot is defective, low gas pressure or the unit is dirty and needs thorough cleaning.

Why is the pilot light not staying lit?  This can be caused from the unit having dust or dirt inside the components causing malfunction, defective thermocouple, or defective valve.

Why won't the pilot light?  This problem can be due to a faulty  transformer,  loose or shorted connection in the wiring harness, improper wall switch, or faulty module.

Why is my fireplace blower making more noise than normal?  The unit could need to be serviced, adjusted and cleaned or the fan could be faulty and needs to be replaced.

How can I increase the heat from my fireplace?  If your fireplace does not currently have a fan, some units have the ability to add it.

Why do you recommend annual cleaning on gas fireplaces?  Manufacturers recommend annual service to keep the unit working efficiently, to check for proper venting, and to inspect for gas leaks.


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